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When Your Queen Is Super Small by immasweetslovinggirl When Your Queen Is Super Small :iconimmasweetslovinggirl:immasweetslovinggirl 2 2 Serenia human sketches by immasweetslovinggirl Serenia human sketches :iconimmasweetslovinggirl:immasweetslovinggirl 0 1 Serenia by immasweetslovinggirl Serenia :iconimmasweetslovinggirl:immasweetslovinggirl 2 4 Team Acid uniforms and Logo by immasweetslovinggirl Team Acid uniforms and Logo :iconimmasweetslovinggirl:immasweetslovinggirl 1 0
Kitty was doing a talk show with Sashi today in front of a live audience. She really liked doing talk shows, especially since the highlight of this one was to get the story behind some of kitty’s teammates, and how she did it, so to speak. She loved sharing those stories. She was even happier that Sashi was with her to share their first story. As she walked on stage she was greeted to the applause of the crowd. She waved, and sat down on the crisp white sofa opposite of another comfy looking white armchair seating the host of the show Gideon Hanson.
“So Miss Kitty first off I would like to say I love your dress. Isn’t that lovely folks?” She looked at her leafy green dress frilled with vegetation and petals wrapped around her shoulder tastefully. She giggled as the crowd cheered. Well she couldn’t just leave it be now. She sat up again, and did a twirl, Sashi following her movements before she sat down as the applause died down.
“Why thank you Mr. Ha
:iconimmasweetslovinggirl:immasweetslovinggirl 0 0
Didn't I Just Say No? by immasweetslovinggirl Didn't I Just Say No? :iconimmasweetslovinggirl:immasweetslovinggirl 5 0 Kitty's bathing suit ad issue 1 by immasweetslovinggirl Kitty's bathing suit ad issue 1 :iconimmasweetslovinggirl:immasweetslovinggirl 2 3 Kittys box 1 by immasweetslovinggirl Kittys box 1 :iconimmasweetslovinggirl:immasweetslovinggirl 1 3 Happy Halloween by immasweetslovinggirl Happy Halloween :iconimmasweetslovinggirl:immasweetslovinggirl 3 0 Kitty pose for Mila by immasweetslovinggirl Kitty pose for Mila :iconimmasweetslovinggirl:immasweetslovinggirl 1 0 Kitty pose for Dre by immasweetslovinggirl Kitty pose for Dre :iconimmasweetslovinggirl:immasweetslovinggirl 1 2 Kitty pose for Lola by immasweetslovinggirl Kitty pose for Lola :iconimmasweetslovinggirl:immasweetslovinggirl 1 0 Kitty Pose For Sashi by immasweetslovinggirl Kitty Pose For Sashi :iconimmasweetslovinggirl:immasweetslovinggirl 2 0 Kitty Pose For Tiana by immasweetslovinggirl Kitty Pose For Tiana :iconimmasweetslovinggirl:immasweetslovinggirl 1 0 Kitty Pose For Rebel by immasweetslovinggirl Kitty Pose For Rebel :iconimmasweetslovinggirl:immasweetslovinggirl 1 0 All together now! by immasweetslovinggirl All together now! :iconimmasweetslovinggirl:immasweetslovinggirl 1 3


Artemis F x Det. Conan - Theft
Author's note: Well, here's another snippet of AFxDC with a considerable amount of stuff missing since the last snippet. If you're confused, frankly I am too (which is why this isn't a full fic). But let's just say there's more than one reason why this snippet is titled "Theft".
Summary: The thief breaks in as everyone predicted, but the consequences aren't what anyone expected.
Rating: T for language and implied violence
He was trapped.
"Well," a voice announced from nowhere, and the thief spun again, searching for a speaker. "You seem to be in quite a predicament," the voice continued, sounding young, arrogant, and Irish. "I hope you enjoy the accommodations. The police should arrive momentarily, however, so I would advise against getting too attached to your surroundings."     
LoGuaros, as the thief was called, pried into the panel under the display case.
"Unfortunately, that console has been disconnected from its power source
:iconlizeth:Lizeth 21 32
UNDERRUN CHPT 2 PG 4 by Richimii UNDERRUN CHPT 2 PG 4 :iconrichimii:Richimii 171 27 VoidReversal page 12 by Fratter-Waan VoidReversal page 12 :iconfratter-waan:Fratter-Waan 61 21
1: Beauty and the Beast
He sees her huddled near the side of the road, the hood of her tattered brown cloak pulled tightly around her wrinkled face.
She rises to her feet as he nears on horseback, her tiny frame hunched over, a crooked wooden cane clutched in her weathered hand.
"Won't you buy a rose, my lord?" She asks, her voice a low cackle that crawls over his skin.
He glares down into her white eyes, the eyes of a blind woman, and the stench of sickness reaches his nose. Her hood falls back from her face, revealing her blistered lips and her ashen skin, marred with the spots of disease.
"Get away from me, peasant." He shouts, disgusted.
She bends one crooked arm and reaches into her basket, pulling out a long stemmed rose, the bud shriveled and black, the petals dry and brittle.
"Please, my lord," she begs, her eyes brimming with tears. "I am but a poor and hungry old woman, with no home or family to speak of."
She lifts the rose towards him, ambling closer, when suddenly she trips and stumbles into t
:iconmidnightfaery:midnightfaery 447 144
Jak: Your Skin WIP by nashidesei Jak: Your Skin WIP :iconnashidesei:nashidesei 73 32
Where in Mar's name is he?
I ran. I ran as fast as my feet could carry me through the new streets of the resurrected Haven. Why did he have to do this?!
"Daxter!" I called. By this time my voice was hoarse, and even more gravelled than usual.
Stopping in the centre of a crowded street, I bent over, trying to regain breath. I felt a few concerned and dissatisfied gazes at me, but for once, I truly didn't care. I scanned the area once more, my hope rapidly fading each moment.
"Daxter?" I croaked once more. Trembling, I   idled over to a small, secluded street. I leant against the wall, sliding down the cold metal. Daxter. I'm... Lost.. Leaning my head in my hands, I tried to remember a time I've ever been this afraid.
Was probably when.. Well.. The Dark Warrior Programme. That sort of mixtures of emotions were what consumed me and drove me insane everyday stuck in that small, steel cell, as i tried to remove the blood from my hands, staining my skin.
Hah. Funny how two very diffe
:iconwolflinkbydarkeco:WolfLinkByDarkEco 7 11
Precursor: Chp 9
"Daxter?" Such a soft voice. "Daxter, you okay?"
Go away.
I don't want to talk today.
I buried my face deeper into the pillow. If there was any way that I could block out JAk's pain filled cries without actually leaving, this was it.
"Daxter, it's over. Samos says you can see him."
I Burst up, stumbling over to the door. My head reeled, protesting at he sudden change of gravity. I heard Tess give a fond single chuckle as I spilt from the door, practically falling on top of ol' loghead himself. Luckily he didn't fall, apparently being as strong as log.
Heh, see what I did there?
"Samos!" I stammered. "He's.. He's okay?"
Samos nodded.
"Of course, Daxter. Right now he is out of it, but the doctors shall take him back to his room and we shall leave him in your care."
I nodded, feeling my eyes become damp.
He was okay.
He was alive.
Samos looked at me
"If you would care to return to Jak's room, he shall be there shortly."
I nodded, turning to walk down the ward. I felt a hand on my sh
:iconwolflinkbydarkeco:WolfLinkByDarkEco 7 15
Fears:. Jak Oneshot .:
How do you explain that word?
An escape to your own world in your mind? Or the slow descent into the darkness of your own personal demons?
Who knows.
Who even fucking cares.
I don't anymore. I don't need to, really. It's not like I use words anymore now than I did when I was mute. Why would I need to speak? Everyday is the same.... Being dragged from my cell, kicking weakly, to another cold room that would spell out another fucked up way to drag out my inner demons to the surface, expecting a different reaction from me each day.
Do you know the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time.
Ha. See? I can use words... Just to myself. No one else deserves this voice... I won't let Erol know that he created me this very gift that forms into words and swipes the title of "mute" away into a dusty corner, just like he's done with the rest of my life.
I lean my head weakly against the cool wall behind me, hugging my shoulders.
:iconwolflinkbydarkeco:WolfLinkByDarkEco 10 18
Jak and Daxter: Examinations
Prisoner physicals started first thing on Lucie’s second day. Fifteen prisoners, fifteen physicals, fifteen reluctant patients who needed to go through a full barrage of tests, fifteen people who would probably need to be force fed medication. At least they’d get a break from the dark eco experiments.  Not that they would appreciate what she was trying to do for them, but it made Lucie feel a little better about things. It gave her a sense of control.
The physicals were long and taxing physically and emotionally. Some of her patients had been less than compliant and unwilling to be treated. A few tried to resort to violence, but were quickly subdued by the ever-present armed guards. One was thoughtful enough to tell Lucie what he thought of her by relieving himself on the exam room floor. Try as she might, Lucie couldn’t separate the convicted criminals sitting on her table from helpless victims. Each prisoner’s file had a detailed recor
:iconnadsatbabushka:NadsatBabushka 4 4
Jak 2: Bath Time Part 1
Jak 2: Bath Time!!  Part 1
"Jak!! Jak! This is no time for a nap!" Daxter shouted, shaking his friend who had just taken a nasty hit to the head and was now on the ground. Out cold, every attempt he tried failed. Long hair falling in front of his face, Daxter tried in vain to lift Jak's head up as the metal heads approached, eyeing their prey hungrily. "Jak, if you've got the least bit of conciousness left, now would be a good time to make the best of it!" the ottsel shouted, backing up as the metal heads came closer. Seeing as his friend wasn't responding, Daxter cringed, preparing for a world of hurt.
         Suddenly, a crackling noise joined the numerous growling of the beasts, and Daxter opened his eyes, slowly turning to Jak, who now had purple eco dancing all along his skin, turning it a pale color. Horns jutted fro his head, and his fingers became long, bla
:iconnakurux:Nakurux 39 23
DWP:. Chp 1 .:
"My baron, the effect of the Metal Head DNA have been an asset to the DWP. Our Weapon is now complete."
Erol stood in the center of the large throne room that lay in the centre of the palace. Baron Praxis, a hunk of muscle and Armour, frowned.
"You are sure of this, Commander? Only, I know you can be quite... Quick to speculate."
Erol shook his head, golden eyes glinting in the faint light. 
"I am sure, sire. I could show you myself." His words came out calm, but inside, the racer was as excited as a sex crazed Crocadog. After a moments pause, the Baron rose from the throne.
"Fine. Let's just hope that these seven years of resources and research have been worth it. This 'Eco Freak' of yours has been our only hope of winning this war."
As Erol entered the cell, the instant heaviness of Dark Eco energy slapped them hard. Praxis, being unused to such a force, winced slightly.
"By Mar... Is this just his body energy?"
Erol nodded, walking through the large
:iconwolflinkbydarkeco:WolfLinkByDarkEco 13 314
So... Yeah by Kiyutsuna So... Yeah :iconkiyutsuna:Kiyutsuna 4 7 Inktober #2: Lets March into our First Week! by Bunnymuse Inktober #2: Lets March into our First Week! :iconbunnymuse:Bunnymuse 447 37 Penelope and Lola: Friends by Foxstarreh Penelope and Lola: Friends :iconfoxstarreh:Foxstarreh 3 4 Akiko and Kitty: First Meeting by Foxstarreh Akiko and Kitty: First Meeting :iconfoxstarreh:Foxstarreh 2 1
RP Log 03/17/16-09/13/16 - Salt and Friendship
Foxstarreh (Akiko Nakamura)
immasweetslovinggirl (Kitty)
Kitty was out shopping today at the supermarket her plain clothes (a simple coral sweater with a black line across the bust and a black skirt with white knee high socks and black flats) hiding her true face as the contest spectacular super star she was. the only problem was she couldn't exactly hide what made her the star she was as it would continue to follow her around where ever she went contest or not, that thing being her Mewtwo, her most recognizable team member and legendary to boot. this meant that while she was picking up some much needed groceries for her pent house she had a little crowd around her mutter and mumbling as her beloved mewtwo stood by her side (way above her head as he was 6 foot 7 and she only a measly 5 foot 5) impatiently waiting for her to finish up so they could leave
"you know if you didn't want to come with me you didn't have to." she spoke to the Mewtwo
:iconfoxstarreh:Foxstarreh 1 3


by Shina-K

SUUUUUUUUPPPPER ADORABLE! His expression is very innocent and gives off the vibe of a child wanting to ask a question. I have no idea i...


49 deviations
When Your Queen Is Super Small
the King and Queen of the Golden Halls Serenia and printer(requested by Corcon  who thought the size difference between Kyocera and Serenia was too funny side note: it's really funny) i will eventually buy him a tri color scatter for that horrible pink and aqua combo and when his colors aren't so bleh i'll start saving up for his genes i also gave up on his gold filigree armor halfway through because i decided it looked gross so no also she's probably even smaller than how i drew her but if i made her any smaller she'd just be a small blue blob on her pink mate :/



look at her she's so smol
Serenia human sketches
i need to stop i am literally drawing everything but what i'm supposed to draw i have to work on moonstone academy and Unova quest and i have a few request that have been backlogged and all i'm drawing is Serenia....anyway have a humanized Serenia don't feel like coloring her deal with it
when you stay up past your bedtime because you have work in the morning drawing

in all honesty i haven't done much with my lair the past 3 years i've been on Flight Rising  and i've been meaning to do something so i'm finally doing something i do have plans to start writing a series on the lair and how Serenia and Kyocera met and started their lair so eventually that'll be a thing as well but until then have a picture of my lairs Queen Serenia
i just realized i did the first one wrong no wonder i never got a shiny on my team so i'm going to re do it also i wanna redo it just to see what happens

You started your Pokémon journey:
1) At age 10.
2) At age 15.
3) After finishing high school.
4) After finishing college.
5) As far back as you can remember; You grew up in the wilds with Pokémon.
6) No idea; You suffered an accident that erased your previous memory.

yo it's kitty here! let's get started on this journey

The weather was:
1) Sunny.
2) Sunny with some clouds.
3) Cloudy.
4) Rainy.
5) Snowy.
6) A natural disaster.

a perfect day with fluffy cotton balls in the sky i love it!

You started your journey because:
1) You want to be the very best.
2) You want to catch ‘em all.
3) You want to be a master coordinator.
4) You want to meet many people.
5) You want to discover new Pokémon.
6) You want to explore lost places.

i'm going to catch them all

Your starter Pokémon is:
1) SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokémon Generator)
2-6) (use Random Pokémon Generator)

i a got a cute lil venonat as my starter her names lillia she's a quiet little thing

In the beginning, your starter:
1) Was practically your twin.
2) Became your friend immediately.
3) Liked you.
4) Was wary of you.
5) Disliked you greatly.
6) Tried to kill you.

she didn't like me very much i may or may not have destroyed her nest on accident

The first great obstacle of your journey was:
1) A rival battle.
2) A treacherous route.
3) A wild Pokémon attack.
4) A Pokémon gym.
5) A battle with a criminal team member.
6) A sapling.

it was so muddy

At this obstacle, the two of you:
1) Triumphed with little resistance. 
2) Achieved victory, though it was tough.
3) Won, but just barely.
4) Tied with the opposition.
5) Lost, though you put up a good fight. 
6) Failed miserably

my poor clothes but at least i kept my shoes

The second Pokémon you caught is:
1) SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokémon Generator)
2-6) (use Random Pokémon Generator)

i got a slowpoke now he just kinda wandered into our team and never left his name is Jerry he's pretty lax

Your starter and second Pokémon:
1) Love each other dearly.
2) Are good friends.
3) Get along well enough.
4) Don’t seem to like each other.
5) Ignore each other.
6) Are constantly at each other’s throats.

i'm just starting to think that lillia doesn't like anyone she only just tolerates me

When the sun begins to set, you:
1) Set up camp immediately.
2) Make a fire. You need nothing else.
3) Only stop to sleep when it becomes too dark to continue.
4) Keep walking. A lack of sun makes no difference to you.
5) Break into a run, hoping to find shelter before nightfall.
6) Pick up camp. You only travel at night.

i like traveling by night because it's cooler

You pass through civilization:
1) Often enough to keep your electronics charged.
2) At least once a week.
3) If it happens to be on your way.
4) Occasionally, but only for supplies.
5) Rarely, and only on the outskirts.
6) Never.

i don't like being around people a lot so i just stick to the bounty of nature

Your third Pokémon is:
1) SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokémon Generator)
2-6)   (use Random Pokémon Generator)

a jolly little dedene joined us today her name is Deandra

The three Pokémon on your team:
1) Work together flawlessly.
2) Cooperate well, but could use some work.
3) Have moments of synergy, though not often.
4) Try their best, yet are on completely different beats.
5) Constantly work against each other.
6) Blame you for their horrible collaboration.
lillia hates everyone jerry doesn't seem to care and Deandra tries super hard so obviously they all work well together

When the going gets tough:
1) Your team pulls through every time.
2) Your starter carries the weight.
3) You come up with a brilliant solution.
4) You win by hax.
5) You win by dumb luck.
6) You get going the opposite direction.

no one on our team really likes to battle so we just run

Two evolutions have occurred by this point:
1) Starter and 2 evolve.
2) 2 and 3 evolve.
3) 3 and starter evolve.
4) Starter evolves twice
5) 2 evolves twice.
6) 3 evolves twice.

deandre can't do that so i'm just going to say that lillia evolved into a venomoth whoop whoop

Over time, you find you work best with and mostly train:
1) Grass, Bug, and Poison types.
2) Water, Ice, and Flying types.
3) Fire, Electric, and Fighting types.
4) Ground, Rock, and Steel types.
5) Dark, Ghost, and Psychic types.
6) Normal, Dragon, and Fairy types.

yeaya that's what i'm talking about 

Your fourth Pokémon (type #1) is:
1) SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokémon Generator)
2-6) (use Random Pokémon Generator)

a gentle pidgey joined us today his name is Ricky

Your fifth Pokémon (type #2) is:
1)  SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokémon Generator)
2-6) (use Random Pokémon Generator)

an AWESOME noibat joined us he's a quirky little guy but we get along well he's named Heraldo

Your sixth Pokémon (type #3) is:
1) SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokémon Generator)
2-6) (use Random Pokémon Generator)

AH HA HAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHA FINALLY....dammit i get a shiny and it's a shiny granbull well...better than a shiny tangela it looks like green spaghetti i named him Puggles

You are offered a trade, and it’s up to you to take it or leave it:
1) SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokémon Generator)
2-6) (use Random Pokémon Generator)

someone wanted to trade me a hoot hoot for my pidgey...i decided to keep Ricky

Another evolution occurs:
1) Starter evolves.
2) 2 evolves.
3) 3 evolves.
4) 4 evolves.
5) 5 evolves.
6) 6 evolves.

pretty sure granbull can't do that so pidgey evolved into pidgeotto 

Your team:
1) Is your family.
2) Gets jealous whenever you interact with other trainers.
3) Would protect you from anything.
4) Is loyal to you, but mostly aloof.
5) At least tolerates each of their differences by this point.
6) Is a pretty much a big, chaotic mess.

they really are a mess lillia hates everyone jerry doesn't care Deandra tries too hard Ricky tries to hide behind me heraldo just watches while laughing and Puggles riles everyone else up we're a great coordinated team
You travel mostly by:
1) Well-worn footpath.
2) Overgrown trail.
3) Water
4) Air.
5) Cave.
6) Wilderness.

i gotta catch em all right? gotta get in the dirty nitty gritty right?

Another evolution occurs:
1) Starter evolves.
2) 2 evolves.
3) 3 evolves.
4) 4 evolves.
5) 5 evolves.
6) 6 evolves.


Your journey takes you:
1) Not far from home.
2) Across the region.
3) To another region.
4) Across many regions.
5) Around the world.
6) To places unknown.

i ended up in

The strongest Pokémon you faced in battle on your journey was:
1) SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokémon Generator)
2-6) (use Random Pokémon Generator)

we found a rhydon and it had emotional issues we just barely escaped with our lives

Another evolution occurs:
1) Starter evolves.
2) 2 evolves.
3) 3 evolves.
4) 4 evolves.
5) 5 evolves.
6) 6 evolves.

deandra can't evolve so imma saw Jerry did he's a slowbro now

The event with the greatest impact on you was:
1) Becoming a Pokémon Champion.
2) The grand evolution of a team member in a dire moment.
3) Finding a hidden landmark of great beauty.
4) Encountering a legendary Pokémon.
5) Having an out-of-body experience in a haunted building.
6) Discovering you’re a child of Mew.

i got pulled out of my body by a chandelure it was creepy but cool at the same time

The hardest trial you ever faced was:
1) Fighting your rival to become Champion.
2) Realizing just how much you have to walk and still sticking out this whole journey thing.
3) Being lost for weeks.
4) Assisting in taking down a criminal organization.
5) Losing a Pokémon.
6) Realizing there are way too many Pokémon to ever catch ‘em all.

i had no idea where i was and i was hungry

Your starter:
1) Is your strongest Pokémon and best friend.
2) Is your good friend, but far from the strongest.
3) Is your strongest Pokémon, but emotionally distant.
4) Is about the same as the rest of your team.
5) Stayed behind some point during your journey.
6) Is deceased.

yea i'd have to say Heraldo is the strongest member

And you are now:
1) Gambling all the money you’ve earned in the Celadon Game Corner.
2) Hidden away at the top of Mt. Silver for an indefinite amount of time.
3) Exploring the many islands littered in the oceans surrounding Hoenn.
4) Lost in the Distortion World after a mishap in the ruins at Mt. Coronet.
5) Trolling inexperienced trainers in the Driftveil World Tournament.
6) Reflecting on past decisions beside the monument of Geosenge Town.

money money money money

The team that saw you to your journey’s end:
lillia the venomoth
Ricky the slowbro
Deandra the dedene
Ricky the pidgeotto
Heraldo the noivern
Puggles the shiny granbull

i had the chance to get a shiny florges man


immasweetslovinggirl's Profile Picture
[can't disclose]
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Yo everyone this is the new and improved Immasweetslovinggirl. I'm 17 now and I've been on DA for quite some time. I never knew I'd ever gain this many watchers, and it took a while, but I hope we can all become good friends. I'm a kind girl and will try to help you out as much as I can. When I get out of school I want to do my best and find a job to help get my writing career off the ground.


immasweetslovinggirl has started a donation pool!
5 / 10,000
if I can get some more points we can upgrade our group Glimmeria to a super group meaning we can get a countdown, we can have a main journal that can lead to other journals, make custom skins for the group and other things. if we can just get enough

...It's a lot of points i have a feeling we'll never be able to reach this amount but we have to try!

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